ispa Forest is a casual hidden object game, developed by Two Tonic Game Studios and published by Reflexive Entertainment. Wispa Forest features vibrant hand-drawn levels to search for objects in, as well as a multi-level matching game where the player must clear away corruption before it spreads. The wondrous journey of Lyia from her small village through the great Wispa Forest and the surrounding caves, swamps, mountains and towns is vividly presented in over a dozen painted story-scenes. Lyia will need the aid and cunning of her friends Hank the squirrel and Ara to overcome the myriad obstacles she'll encounter in her quest to find the source of the corruption and save her world.
Wispa Forest is the first narrative entry of The Wispa Adventures. The second installment, Ara's Tail, will continue the narrative and introduce a wholly seperate play mechanic. Enjoy the journey of Wispa Forest and check back soon for more details on our upcoming releases in which Lyia, Ara, and Hank are back in action!

System Requirements

1 Ghz Processor or better
100 MB Available Harddrive Space
256 MB RAM
32 MB Video Card or Shared Video Memory

The Windows version requires:
Windows XP, Vista, or 7

The Macintosh version requires:
Mac OSX 10.4+